Build Your Creative Universe

Words By Brad Walker – ADFX Resident Art Director

A few years ago, I was tasked with developing the creative direction of a rather well known sports club. It was larger than just a campaign tag or new creative style – it was about aligning every touch point, every street banner, every campaign and every digital asset to ensure we were building up a creative universe. It was a massive undertaking but it proved to be a pretty big success. Consistency, flexibility and quality were all driving principles. But almost as important was allowing for the unknown, planning for the unplanned…


Most companies and businesses have similar challenges when it comes to their brand and advertising. Thinking ahead, being flexible yet consistent with their branding, campaigns and social content. It sounds easy enough, but in reality it can take a fair amount of strategy and planning to craft a visual style thats flexible enough to be engaging and innovative for years to come.


Think like a big brand (and ensure every touch point is on point)
Regardless of your brand positioning or size, its imperative to function like a big brand when it comes to your creative universe. An amateur looking social post could be as detrimental as not posting at all, a dodgy looking business card could ruin any chance of getting a call back from your last meeting and a Facebook post with low res images isn’t going to help sell your products. Its vital you strike a happy medium between quality and creativity.


It’s all about the little things (but don’t forget about the big stuff)
Little things go a long way – the fonts on your last flyer or business card, the colours used in your vehicle wrap or the logo on your polo’s, regardless of how many touch points you have with your target market, creating a consistent style and aesthetic will help provide brand awareness and trust. On the flip side, consider overarching themes and elements In your advertising. Implement creative elements that live across your multi channel campaign, commission a photographer to create a stunning hero image that you can use across your website and social platforms, or why not treat all your social posts with the same style of filter. Consider all the moving parts of your brand and advertising, no matter how small(or big)


Be consistent but not rigid (manage your brand but don’t strangle it)
Your brand needs to be consistent, but also flexible. As markets evolve and trends change, so too should your creative. You need to be protective of your brand identity but if your too rigid then its likely you will stifle creative growth. If you plan on being in business for the long term than evolving your creative will help keep you relevant – thats just good business.


Developing a creative universe isn’t reserved just for big brands, but it helps to treat your business and brand like one. Focus on building your brand up from the smallest of elements through to the largest, then ensure all the dots connect in-between.

As an award winning brand specialist, Brad has been shaping the creative universe of brands for almost 15 years. For a quick chat about your next campaign, or a more in-depth convo about your business, hit up Brad and the ADFX team.

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