Take the drama out of distributing your printed material. Here at ADFX we take a strategic approach to delivering your message to your customer’s profile, with minimum waste and maximum reach, ensuring greater return on your investment.

Letterbox Drops

Our affiliation with Australasia’s largest letterbox distributor allows us to deliver advice based on the latest research, as well as competitive rates across various distribution networks. ADFX takes an educated, strategic, approach to delivering your message to those most likely to act, with minimal wastage and maximum reach – delivering you a better return on investment.


Reach a huge audience, in a cost effective way with the power of inserts. Inserts are an effective form of advertising that set your brand apart from the rest – they don’t blend in with the countless ads that appear in the publication and they have staying power once the rest of the publication has been discarded. You also have the option to target your inserts to selected demographics making it an effective way to reach the right audience, making your marketing count.

Addressed Mail

By using addressed mail you can send more personalised mail to households in specific postcodes, suburbs or Census Collection Districts. It’s a great way to keep your existing client database up to date or to reach potential customers.

Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed mail is a useful tool to reach customers in a cost effective way, especially if you don’t have a client data base. You can send items nationwide or even to different localities or postcodes.

Reach a greater audience, generate leads and gain interest with the use of addressed and unaddressed mail.