Strong Public Relations are an essential element to any organisation. ADFX can generate highly credible and cost effective publicity for your brand, reaching a larger target audience.

Why PR?

ADFX provides full service PR management services for clients across a broad range of industries, including tourism, hospitality and corporate sectors, and large-scale events and festivals. Public relations is a cost-effective addition to the marketing budget. Print and online media stories that complement your advertising help reinforce key messages to target markets, and allow the audience to absorb a greater volume of information about you, your product, business or service. ADFX can manage PR projects from concept to completion, including creating strong media angles, writing and dissemination of professional, newsworthy and well-constructed media releases, media monitoring and reporting, photo opportunities, media launches, and digital and hard copy media kits. The ADFX PR team can also help identify the ‘hooks’ or ‘angles’ that can anchor a news or magazine story to ensure your opportunities for publicity are maximised.

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Media Relations

ADFX has strong relations across all media platforms ensuring that we know the people you need to know to see your campaign flourish. Our combined media networks ensure that we know where and with whom your media needs to be positioned for the best outcomes.

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