TV Advertising – Dead or Alive?

TV has long been the advertising powerhouse when it comes to advertising and marketing platforms. With the recent additions such as Netflix, Stan and Presto to the TV viewing market, some are questioning TV advertising’s relevancy.

Although growing numbers are using streaming and playback services free-to-air live viewing TV is still leading the pack across every demographic.

13.6 Million Australians watch free TV everyday spending an average of 3 hours a day in front of the box.


Tv Advertising sunshine coast

Free TV still consistently delivers the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Australia and the most recent survey from ThinkTV concludes that a television commercial still retains the number 1 position as being the most influential advertising medium.




So stats and data aside, why should you consider TV advertising to promote your brand or sale?

  1. TV advertising is the only method to engage all senses and as a result can create emotional and rational responses from the audience.
  2. You choose the depth of message whether it is a soft branding commercial or the hard drive for a sale. You can reach your audience quickly and encourage them to respond immediately if you wanted them to do so.
  3. TV advertising can strengthen the performance of other media. Especially digital.
  4. Reach your demographic through researched and targeted viewing. By combining the right research, strategy and creative you can effectively and clearly get your message to the people you want to see it.
  5. Real Measurable results – by integrating TV and digital campaigns, reporting is better than ever!

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