Media Buyer VS Advertising Agency – What’s The Difference?

Media Buyer V Ad Agency

Media Buyer VS Advertising Agency – What’s The Difference?

All you want is for your business to get noticed by more people. That’s it. Should be straight forward, right? But now you’re finding that you’re getting all these new titles and concepts thrown at you. It can be confusing, and you may well be starting to become concerned that you’re about to be ripped off.

Promising the moon

Media buyers will work with you up until a certain point when they’ll have to outsource (at your cost) for the creative side. That’s the agency that comes up with all the great ideas, creative content and sizzling social strategy that will really make your campaign sing. While a media buyer will purchase your advertising space (think print, billboards, digital – any place that can get eyes or ears on content), they won’t have anything to fill it with.

The creative (again, paid for by you and outsourced to someone else) will come in swinging with some fab ideas for getting peepers on your product.

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Having your advertising spend handled by two different businesses can result in conflicting ideas or confusion. At best, this can waste time and at worst, it can negatively impact the success of the campaign, with the return on investment not matching what you’d hoped for.

Maximising the success of your campaign relies on a clever marketing strategy to get the advertising noticed as well as top-notch creative to breathe life into your vision. If these two elements are being spearheaded from two different places, it’s not surprising that something may get lost in translation.

In favour of having it all

As opposed to a media buyer who must outsource all creative elements of an advertising campaign, an advertising agency will handle both the placement and the creative. The idea generation and execution will be taking place under the same roof between experienced colleagues who have an established shorthand when working together. This allows for a more cohesive and seamless rollout of your campaign.

It’s a matter of trust

Choose an advertising agency that offers a comprehensive service to take your campaign from the seed of an idea right through to a beautifully fleshed out campaign that drives new business. From strategy to creative and everything in between, it makes sense to choose one trusted agency backed by years of experience.

Thinking Strategy?

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