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Each year, charities and not-for-profit organisations rely heavily on the hard work, dedication and generosity of Australian Businesses. At ADFX, we are passionate about helping the community and giving back.

This is why we have decided to be involved with some great local and national charities. We do what we can to raise money and awareness, however none of this would be possible without the great support of our clients and media representatives.


100% of the funds raised from Wishlist benefit local patients and their families. Wishlist annually pledge over one million dollars towards research projects, local support services, and vital medical equipment for Sunshine Coast residents. Wishlist is entirely not-for-profit.

With the Wishlist App you can shop for less and support local hospitals from Caloundra to Gympie. The App gives you discounted services on the Sunshine Coast including food and drink, spa and beauty, experiences, homewares, health, automotive, spa and beauty treatments and more. This is the Coast’s only free App that gives back.

All of the operation fees associated with Wishlist are covered by the profits made by the car park behind Nambour Hospital. Any surplus funds are put back into the Sunshine Coast’s health system by way of an annual staff scholarship grant. This subsidises training for the Sunshine Coast Health Care System (SCHCS) staff.

Wishlist provides funding for many projects such as building family rooms close to the hospital, support of patients and families undergoing cancer treatment, and rehabilitation services.

Local men, women and children need our help. Please make a donation and help Sunshine Coast families today.


The charity Rural Aid runs Buy a Bale, which assists Australian Farmers and Rural communities that are affected by drought, bushfires, cyclones, flood, and other extreme conditions. This program is a great way to support our farmers in a practical and meaningful way.

The Buy a Bale Campaign was the starting point for the charity Rural Aid which was founded in 2015. Australians have generously supported this charity which has distributed hampers, food for livestock, diesel, financial assistance and more.

The recent bushfires, along with flood and drought has seen that there is an ever increasing need for these services. Many areas of Australia still remain in intense drought. As of March 2020, 41 councils and 4 part council areas were declared to be in drought. This represents 67.4% of the land area in Queensland.

Professional beekeepers are also a part of Australia’s farming community. These producers can often be overlooked when it comes to effects of natural disaster. This charity also helps to safeguard this industry on which our food producers so heavily rely.

Rural Aid provide voluntary support and counsellors to rural communities to help reduce anxiety, stress, domestic violence, and suicide. Volunteers, staff, and counsellors work tirelessly to support as many farmers and families as possible.

The Buy a Bale charity helps to bridge the gap between rural and metro Australia.

Our farming families still need your assistance. Show your Aussie spirit by donating to the farmers who continue to put food on our tables.


The McGrath Foundation has become a respected and recognised charity since Jane and Glenn McGrath’s highly public experience with breast cancer in 2005.

The Foundation raises money to fund McGrath Breast Care nurses. The nurses help both patients and their families. The service is free, and no referral is needed. McGrath brings families peace of mind by way of personal care, compassion and medical knowledge. Dry July helps many Australian families that are affected by breast cancer so going Dry(ish) during this month helps not only your own health, but the life of someone experiencing this illness.

The Foundation helps those with breast cancer balance their life and ensures that you have time for the people and things that matter most – not just the illness. It helps you to deal with the best of life while you are dealing with the breast. 86,000 families have at this time been assisted since 2005 and there are presently 145 McGrath Breast Care nurses based throughout Australia. Over 211,000 hours of nursing and assistance has been provided for individuals and their families in the past year. Donate to this worthy cause today, and help someone with breast cancer.


Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is committed to protecting and educating the beach lovers of Queensland. This body is the State’s main aquatic rescue authority and is one of the largest volunteer based community service organisations in Australia. With 2,865 rescues and over 389,00 patrol hours in the 2018/19 season, SLSQ keeps beaches safe.

The organisation’s first recorded rescue in Queensland was back in 1909 and this efficient and vibrant organisation now services a huge 30,500 members. Formally established in 1930 and comprising 58 affiliated surf life saving clubs in six branches, the organisation includes a range of programs that involve over 462,000 members.

Patrolled beaches, lifesaving services, education, community sport, beach and water safety advocacy and community leadership are all a part of Surf Life Saving Queensland. Values of the foundation include leadership, community, safety, respect, trust, and teamwork.

SLSQ is part of Surf Life Saving (Australia) and the International Live Saving Federation (ILF). The club is committed to the community, their people, efficiency, and sustainability for the future. It is a strong body that encourages health and fitness starting from a young age. Little Lifesavers, water safe schools programs and the beach safe practical program are all part of this great community program.

Encourage a positive mindset, health and fitness – and help save a life – by donating today.


R U OK? is an Australian non-profit organisation that addresses suicide prevention. It was founded by Gavin Larkin in 2009 and revolves around the question R U OK?, which promotes people to have meaningful conversations with others. This charity works with experts in mental illness and suicide prevention alongside corporate leaders, teachers, government departments, Universities, and community groups. It helps us all to stay connected in challenging times.

Gavin Larkin’s father committed suicide in 1996. Gavin later experienced depression and completed a course at Landmark Worldwide. As a result of this course he chose to honour his father by completing a project about suicide prevention. In conjunction with Janina Neam, R U Ok? was created in 2009. The year it was launched Yahoo 7’s Sunrise reported that 650,000 conversations were started as a result of the campaign.

Getting connected and staying connected has proven to be the best thing anyone can do for themselves and those that may be at risk of self-harm and suicide.

Held on the second Thursday of September, the organisation has a dedicated R U Ok? Day which encourages Australians to connect to people who may have emotional insecurity to promote community awareness and address social isolation.

Suicide and mental health issues have effects on many.

AT ADFX we are proud supporters of this cause. RU OK? can change the course of a life. Please help us help this great cause by donating today.


The Smith Family truly believe that supporting a child’s education is the best way to help break the cycle of disadvantage. By giving young people the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential, the impact of the Smith Family has a lasting effect not only on the people they help but on generations to come.

Today there are over 1.2 million children and young people that live in poverty. Disadvantaged students are on average 2-3 years behind in maths and reading by the time they are 15 years old.

One out of every six Australian children and youths that live in poverty need support to make the most out of their education. Programs run by the Smith Family include arts programs, community programs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs, learning clubs, financial programs for parents, mentoring, technology programs to build critical skills and also gain access to needed equipment, as well as work experience plans to exposure future career options and potential job opportunities.

Without the generosity of donors, the work of this wonderful organisation simply would not be possible. ADFX are passionate about supporting this cause. Please help us by donating today.


Held on the last Friday in October, schools, early learning centres, and businesses join the Daniel Morcome Foundation on this day to wear red, educate, and donate. All registered persons receive a small information pack which includes the latest on child safety resources.

Daniel Morcome was wearing a red t-shirt when he disappeared back in December 2003. Daniel was abducted and murdered while waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast. Parents Bruce and Denise worked tirelessly to find the killer and the Daniel Morcome foundation was born.

The aim of the charity is to educate young people about how to stay safe on and offline. The message to wear red links the real story to the importance of safety education. It provides a message of hope and that the world can be made safer for children everyone as a legacy to Daniel Morcome and his family.

The key messages on Day for Daniel encourage children to Recognise, React and Report if they ever feel unsafe. The education is not fear based, and should be taught using such methods as recognising body language clues, understanding body ownership and naming private body parts. The aim is to identify adults who can help the children if they feel unsafe.


Smart Pups assistance dogs are different from other dogs. These pups are trained individually to provide assistance to special needs children. Smart Pups have special task training so that they can assist children from the ages of three and up with their daily routines. These dogs are more than just a pet. Smart Pups require consistency in care and handling and papers which allow the handler to take the dog to places that dogs would usually not be permitted.

The dogs are permanently placed with children to provide assistance and be a constant companion and friend.

This unique form of early intervention therapy improves children’s independence and quality of life. It has enormous positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

The organisation has grown from just one dedicated trainer to being Australia’s leading provider of assistance dogs. Since their launch in 2011 Smart Pups has assisted 180 children by providing them with assistance dogs Australia wide.

Due to increased demand and limited resources the waiting period for Smart Pups assistance dogs is currently around 2 years.  Smart Pups receive no government funding. They rely solely on grants, fundraising activities, and donations to provide this service.

Please help Smart Pups to help a special needs child by donating today.


Liptember are committed to supporting mental health issues for women, placing a strong emphasis on gender when it comes to mental health. With a gender based approach research undertaken is more accurate and the support programs provided experience higher success rates. In the past, most mental health program’s research and services were based on men and then used to support women. Many of these programs therefore were not 100% helpful.

Help start up a conversation on women’s mental health by popping on a little colour.

Individuals are encouraged to register for Liptember online and seek sponsorship from friends, family and co-workers for wearing the lippy through the month of September.

Funds raised during September are donated to the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, RUOK?, Lifeline, Bayr, the Pretty Foundation and the Jean Hailes Foundation. Make your perfect pout and help support these amazing organisations during this month!

If you would like to help this great organisation, please donate here.

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