Q Lawyers

Project Description

Ferguson and Cannon Lawyers is a trusted, specialised, commercial law firm on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. ADFX was commissioned to launch and build brand awareness among target audiences, create traffic for the Q Lawyers website, drive potential clients to make inquiries and in tandem with the creative, communicate brand messages and create a smart, edgy and approachable brand.

Project Details

Client Q Lawyers Services Ad campaign, Banners & Signage, Outdoor, TV Industry Legal  

TVC Production

The TVC’s for Q Lawyers were developed starring Billy Moore, a legendary Queensland Rugby League player. Each TVC was tailored to reach the right market by strategically placing 15 and 30 second spots on free-to-air television. A 10 second sponsorship slot billboard ad was also produced for placement prior to free-to-air programs to deliver maximum exposure.

Outdoor Billboards

  Out-of-home (Ooh) billboards were implemented to deliver maximum impact and visibility to drive brand presence and awareness.  

Bus Wrap

By using bus wraps, ADFX was able to target the right audience by utilising different bus routes and school busses, allowing them to reach a combination of different target markets. By utilising bus wraps (back, sides or full wraps), great brand exposure was passed on to commuters.  

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