Why You Need An Advertising Agency For Your Business Goals!

  ‘Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

What is Advertising?

The purpose of advertising is to deliver a message that informs your audience:

  • WHO you are,
  • WHAT you are selling,
  • HOW they can get it

In a nutshell, this is the essential information that you need to communicate to your consumer, so they can make an informed decision to buy and in turn allow your business to thrive.

What Are The Benefits of Using An Advertising Agency?

Now you know what your message should contain, the next step is:

  • HOW you deliver the message,
  • WHO you deliver this message to

It is these aspects that will determine the success of your advertising campaign. This is where an advertising agency comes into the picture. Advertising agencies are experts in taking your message, adding a burst of creativity and then strategically placing it in front of the right eyeballs. Every step is focussed on your business goals, results and ROI!

One of the biggest drawcards that come from partnering with an agency, is the time you save! Whether this is time saved from negotiating with countless media reps, from directionless brainstorming sessions or from reporting and admin work. We take the hassle away and give you hours back!

Whether you are the business owner or part of the marketing team, take your day back by strategically outsourcing work to the experts, giving you more time to be productive and work ON your business rather than IN the business.

What else???

  • Pass on agency discounts so you receive cheaper rates!
  • Help you understand and define your brand and key messaging
  • Decode media and advertising jargon for you to make everything clear and simple
  • Assist with competitor analysis, market research and industry trends
  • Provide an organised and time lined structure to ensure everything stays on track
  • Sophisticated reporting systems to cut down on your admin time
  • Plus, so much more!

Why Work With ADFX?

We are your single source multi-talented advertising partners, which means that we can assist you with everything from strategy to media placement, creative design to printing and distribution. Your full service, one-stop-shop agency!

No two business operate in the same way which is why we tailor each service offering to each client’s individual needs, we get to know how you like to work and exactly what you need assistance with for us to be as helpful as we can be. ADFX pride ourselves on working closely and openly with you through every step of the process, giving you the flexibility of being involved as much (or as little) as you would like!

What makes us different to other advertising agencies:

  • You won’t find another agency with Kelly Thomas at the reigns. Founder and Managing Director of ADFX radiates passion and enthusiasm, she has been doing her thing for 14+ years and no sign of slowing down. They say its all about who you know and Kel is someone you should know!
  • You will have the support of the Managing Director, Art Director and your dedicated Account Manager. All working closely together in building cross platform campaigns to provide you with integrated, holistic solutions that are both creative and strategic.
  • Our staff are diverse and bring a wealth of experience from companies such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Brisbane Lions, Channel 10, Channel 7 plus more!
  • Piggy back on our strong relationships. Our whole team are consistently building and strengthening our relationships with key industry partners plus with Kelly being in the game for so long, it seems everybody knows and loves who she is and what she is about.
  • Grant aka GT is our go-to-guy for printing services and gee whizz he can negotiate you a deal. You will receive commercial printing at wholesale prices due to the volume of printing that ADFX pumps out.
  • Anything that we cannot do in house we have trusted, long term trade partners who we work closely with to deliver on every single aspect of your campaigns
  • We work with total transparency and are fair and upfront with fees and charges. We also do not charge for meetings, strategy and scoping sessions!