What the %#@* is a TARP in Media Buying and Planning

Words By Marni Quade – ADFX Account Executive

If you’ve ever booked or are planning a TV campaign, you’ve probably been given a booking report of all the commercial spots with little numbers called TARPS next to each spot. Now if you’ve never seen a TARP before, you’ve probably found yourself wondering ‘what the %#@* is a TARP?

Well wonder no more!

What is a TARP?

TARP is an acronym for ‘Target Audience Rating Point’ and is the percentage of a specific target audience viewing a particular program at the time.

As an example, say your target audience is people 25-39 and you want to know how a program performs for this target market. If 25% of people who are 25-39 watch the block, the TARP would be 25.

How important is a tarp when buying tv advertising? 

Put it this way, would you buy an ad in the local paper without knowing how many papers are going to be delivered or read? Probably not, most businesses want to know where their money is going.

The same thing goes for TV, when buying a spot in a program, you really want to be getting the most bang for your buck!
This is where CPT comes in.

What is Cost Per Tarp (CPT)

Cost Per Tarp (CPT) are often found next to the TARP figures on a report and is the metric used to simplify the dollar cost of advertising in a certain program.

Still not sure? Cut through all the TV jargon and speak to the TV media planning and buying experts at ADFX.

Our Managing Director, Kelly Thomas has been selling and buying TV advertising for clients for over 20years!

We will help you reach the right audience, at the right time, for the right price….. and we will explain all the jargon along the way.

Marni has a Bachelor of Business, with a major in Marketing. She loves the creative side of working in the advertising industry and is skilled at crafting clever copy and punchy social media posts.

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