100 Spam Trigger Words To Avoid In Your Next EDM Campaign

Learn how to avoid sending emails to the spam folder for your next EDM Campaign!

One of the biggest obstacles with an EDM campaign being successful is the possibility that it will be marked as spam. It may come as a surprise that 69% of recipients mark an email as spam before they even open it and on top of that, your email still has to pass the email providers filter to even get to their inbox in the first place. The filter takes many things into consideration, however simple things that the filter will look for is the wording in the subject line and the content.

Spam filters have learnt what characteristics of an email are “Spammy” by looking at actual spam emails, which more often than not includes a lot of Sales emails which has led to a lot of ‘Sales’ terms to be considered as spam.

To help avoid the spam triggers, Vision 6, have compiled a list of 100 common spam trigger words that might risk setting off filters when used too often:

Here are 100 Spam trigger words to avoid 

Act now! Apply now! Call now!
Don’t hesitate! For only Get started now
Limited time Great offer Instant
Now only Offer expires Once in a lifetime
Order now Order today Special promotion
Urgent While supplies last Bonus
All new Amazing Certified
Congratulations Fantastic deal For free
Guaranteed Outstanding value Risk free
Satisfaction guaranteed Free Free!
Free trial Free consultation Free gift
Free membership Free offer Free preview
Free sample Free quote Sign up free today
Deal Giving away No obligation
No strings attached Offer Prize
Trial Unlimited What are you waiting for?
Win Winner You’re a winner! Won
You have been selected #1 100% free
100% satisfied 50% off One hundred percent guaranteed
Click below Click here Increase sales
Increase your sales Opt in Open
Sale Sales Subscribe
Chance Sample Satisfaction
Solution Success Cards accepted
Full refund Affordable Bargain
Best price Cash Cash bonus
Cheap Credit Discount
For just $ Lowest price Save big money
Why pay more? Buy As seen on
Buy direct Clearance Order
$$$ Marketing solutions Join millions
Name brand No questions asked Giving it away
Best rates Compare Drastically reduced

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Yep, that’s quite a lot, so if you need help with your next EDM campaign, call the ADFX team today and make sure your email’s are being seen!

SOURCE:  Vision 6