What is Green Screening?

What is Green Screening?

Green screening or Chroma keying is a special effects or post production technique that allows the manipulation of an image or video’s layers to superimpose subjects into any kind of scenery or background.

Chroma keying can be done using any colour that is uniform and distinct however blue and green are the most commonly used. Bright green has become the favoured colour due to image sensors in digital cameras being most receptive to green as well as being the least likely colour to be worn by subjects.

How is Green Screening used and/or benefits TV Advertising?

On site shoots can become costly and quickly blow out any advertising budget. The use of green screening allows us to easily create any kind of scenery or backdrop at a much cheaper cost than travelling to distant and remote places.

The Techie Stuff

So how does it actually work?

Chroma keying simply, is the process of using computer software to single out a particular colour (for example green) in a digital image or video and making the colour transparent which then allows the image on the layer behind to show through.

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