Is it Time to Transition to a Full Service Media Agency?

Is it Time to Transition to a Full Service Media Agency?

Day in and day out… its as though youre living your own Groundhog Day, only this time, youre stuck in an office, stressed to the max, trying to sort out the marketing and advertising for your employer. As Marketing Manager, its your job to do that – but as times have changed, it seems that your role has increased tenfold, or more.  

A Changing Role

It is now up to you to not only manage every detail of the companys ads on every single platform (which, in itself has increased immensely in recent years), but you also have to micro-manage all the team members who work with or for you. Not to mention having to spend your days dealing with direct media sales reps – its a marketing managers hell. Youve got the newspaper guy on one call, the TV ad rep sending emails every five minutes, the radio station on hold because you just cant be bothered playing nice guy as you turn them down. Add the printing of material, design of advertisements, advertising expenditure and budget-keeping… Welcome to never-ending stress. And sorry to say it, but this is just the start. 

Too Tired For Planning 

Along with researching and then dealing with all these people and platforms, you also have to make sure your marketing plans and style guides are up to scratch – theres no point in marketing a business through different mediums if youre not sticking to the companys brand personality. And then, of course, you have to also manage the results – which advertising is working, which isnt? What channel gives you the best Return On Investment (ROI) and which reports are the most conclusive (data analysis is never a fun time!)? From there, its dealing with web designers, influencers, SEO companies, Google Ads, and so on and on and on… 

At the end of the day, which is usually well after everyone else has gone home, youre exhausted. Youve missed dinner, you havent seen the kids for a week, and youre flat out depleted – and of course, this is when mistakes are more likely to happen.  

So, why do you keep doing it to yourself? And if youre going to tell us that theres simply no other way, were pleased to report – youre wrong. Heres what you need to do – and get ready … its not as complicated as you think. 



But hiring a full service advertising agency costs more, and is less efficient, right? Wrong. Here are some myths debunked for you. 

Myth 1: When hiring an agency, your ad buys cost more 

WRONG. The ad agency generally does not add a fee on top. Rather, any management is offset by bulk-buying power rates on media. AND youre more likely to get bonus spots because your ad agency is a friend to the media. In other words, they know what theyre doing. 

Myth 2: Youll still have to do all the background work 

WRONG. Although the ad agency will still need your help to get things moving, particularly when it comes to style and layout of the companys persona, they will take it from there. They will certainly get your approval before they post or book any ads, but youll only spend a few minutes doing so, not a few days. 

Myth 3: Ad agencies only specialise in traditional forms of media 

WRONG. Although most agencies do operate in broadcast, print and Out of Home media (billboards, bus, cinema) more than anything elsethats simply because it’s what clients want. They also assist with digital marketing, including Google Ads, Display Ads, social media marketing, SEO and digital PR. 

Myth 4: Ad agencies only deal with adverting 

WRONG. Although the name suggests ad agencies are all about advertising, theres a whole lot more on offer as well. This includes printing of materials, point of sale for contracts, events and immersive experiences, as well as creative – they can organise or create film and audio, brand strategies, marketing plans … and theyll execute it. They dont have to, but the agency also has the means to use their own team to complete all tasks required. 

Although hiring a full service advertising agency wont fix ALL your problems, it will undoubtedly make it easier to manage your corporation’s marketing. 

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