Choosing The Right Ad Agency For Councils

Choosing The Right Ad Agency For Councils

Choosing the Right Ad Agency for Councils and Effective Community Engagement Strategy

One of the most important goals for municipal councils is to foster strong, trusting relationships between councils and their communities, and one of the most effective ways to build that open communication and trust is through community engagement. Community engagement enables councils to consult with the public and community group stakeholders on important projects and issues and to get feedback through various channels (such as Get Involved). 

 By partnering with the right ad agency, councils can create and execute an effective community engagement strategy that increases visibility, helps stakeholders understand the issues involved, and empowers community members to have their say in regards to issues affecting the communities they live in. Partnering with the right ad agency for councils can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the best possible outcomes for both the council and the community.  

 What to Look for when choosing the right ad agency for councils

When reviewing agency partners, consideration should be given to agencies that have what it takes to act as a buffer between community groups and councils in order to deliver the most impactful messaging without getting bogged down with delays. ADFX has the experience, confidence and ingenuity to step into the role of a true strategic partner in order to take a council’s community engagement strategy and turn it into a meaningful, crowd-pleasing campaign. Local Buy Certified, ADFX delivers streamlined, integrated services for everything from media buying, creative, and production to campaign planning, digital integrations, social media and SEO. As a full-service advertising and media provider, we are able to keep everyone on the same page to deliver focused, effective campaigns.  

 How the right agency can positively impact community engagement for councils 

After investing so much time engaging stakeholders, acquiring input and feedback, and working through the complexities of the issue or project at hand, you want to ensure that you bring an agency on board that’s experienced and ready to deliver. By choosing a seasoned agency like ADFX, you’ll be able to get on with your job while they take care of the campaign. ADFX has proven themselves to be a highly successful ad agency for councils – always very easy to work with and ready to dive in and maintain focus while at the same time being sensitive to stakeholder needs. Whether that means acting as a sounding board, a strategic marketing mentor, or acting as a moderator between different stakeholder groups in order to keep the campaign on brand and on time, ADFX is there to help.  

By putting your community engagement strategy in the hands of the right agency, you’ll have an effective campaign with cut-through messaging that meets the expectations of the council, community and stakeholders. Get in touch here.