Learn More About Cairns Advertising Opportunities

Learn More About Cairns Advertising Opportunities

Sunny Cairns is ripe with opportunities for key businesses and sectors to get in touch with their consumer base. The chance to forge and foster real relationships between product and client are far greater than in a more bustling population hub. There is less ‘noise’ to cut through here and it’s far easier to make a discernible mark than in a more populated area.  

Upon further comparison to larger cities, it’s easy to note that the CPM (cost per thousand) is far less here than in a busier city like Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Regional advertising in a city like Cairns makes sense. There is a captive audience, choices are fewer and the chance to get LOUD and noticed is far more likely.  

Opportunities for Advertising in Cairns

As has been previously stated, advertising in Cairns is not only plentiful but provides a maximum opportunity for engagement and growth.  


In terms of television stations (both stalwart and subsidiary), demographic breakdowns are as follows:  

  • Families who enjoy children’s programming, news, prime time programming (both import and export) and films (note that there is some overlap here into the millennial and senior demographics)  
  • The key 24-54 demographic that makes up the bulk of the viewing and consuming public and exists on a diet of local programming and imported television shows  
  • Thoughtful consumers looking for programming related to political, environmental and social concerns (a relatively smaller market but one well worth considering when it comes to advertising in Cairns) 
  • The conservative market who have a firm attachment to traditional means of advertising with a vested interest in local news, serial dramas, nostalgia and resource production and management 
  • The teen and youth audiences who connect their love of pop culture to the products that they are interested in consuming 


Radio station opportunities mirror the target audiences above. There are a number of commercial stations (many of them with syndicated programs) as per other regional bases around Queensland. These commercial stations are full to the brim with advertising opportunities and they are supported by a number of ‘classic’ hits style programming as well as the wealth of programs that come from the national broadcaster.  

Key demographics of the above local and national stations include: 

  • The youth market looking for products inside their breadth of interests via either the national broadcaster or a closer to home commercial station with syndicated programming  
  • Conservatives who are chasing a traditional approach to radio media with news bulletins, talk back segments and a more traditional format than might be seen on ‘younger’ stations  
  • Families looking for fun yet appropriate radio content  
  • Those who are on the road during the day depending on occupation and lifestyle who represent the lion’s share of the midday market 


There are six newspapers that services Cairns and the surrounding areas. There are a wealth of opportunities in Cairns for newspaper advertisements as well as making the most of active spaces and investing in billboard campaigning or advertising. Flyer based advertising is another option. 

ADFX – Local Buy BUS260 in Cairns

Let’s move things along. A partnership between ADFX and the Cairns Regional Council, not forgetting other local users of BUS260, will lead to a strengthened relationship with streamlined campaigns that positively position advertisers to be able to reach their consumer base. These are fresh campaigns, within budget and scope, that are designed to tick the boxes of stakeholders and forge real community connections. Let’s chat Cairns advertising today!