It’s Not 1999! Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up To Date?

Stop Marketing Like It’s 1999! Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Up To Date! 

Old school ad agencies have a very specific approach to digital marketing strategies. Just like their old ad campaigns of yore, they adapt the sledgehammer. BANG sponsored posts. BANG prolific posting. BANG Google Ads. Good ideas? Sure. Executed poorly? Well…

What Is Going Wrong?

The issue is not the ad agencies themselves. They’re using well-proven tactics that have worked for them for years. The issue is the way that content is consumed in the digital space by a generation who have a completely different palate than what’s on offer. This generation of consumers digests things a little differently. It’s less hard sell and more ‘me too’. They’re about movements and hashtags and feeling connected.
Let’s find out where they’re hiding and serve them what they’re hungry for.

How To Use Digital Marketing Strategies to Reach Millennials

The Rise of the Influencer

Any Gen Y or younger knows them. They’re the Insta-darlings, the movers and shakers; the aspirational and just-so-slightly-unreal social media influencers.
Savvy ad agencies who know how the revolutionised digital space works are well aware of the power of influencers. Working with a popular influencer to have them gently suggest or model products is far more likely to have an impact. It’s said that for every $1 spent on influencer outreach and marketing, a $6.50 return is to be expected. Influencer culture helps introduce new products and styles to the market and it creates significant demand. The reach of these posts is phenomenal – the shares, the likes, the tags and the comments are all dollars in the bank for those involved.

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Just as Hamlet searched for meaning, so too do the bloggers. While this medium is not as popular as it once was, there are a few key Australian bloggers who have serious star power. Find their niche (be they WAG or mummy blogger or an anti-mainstream mogul) and you’ll find where your target market has been hiding.

Cool Content and Groovy Google

Resist the temptation to pepper your campaign with Google Ads. Millennials know about them and they know to scroll down to the authentic content.
Using that budget and skill set to create awesome, authentic content is a far better way to reach this savvy audience. Combine that with a skilful use of social media (Instagram and Pinterest, they’re not on Facebook anymore) and you’ve got yourself a campaign that will see the kids flocking to whatever it is you’re hocking. You need a digital marketing strategy, baby.

Looking for a digital marketing strategy to give you the edge? Book a Free 30-60min Advisory Session and find where your customers are hiding. 

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