Brand Identity Design – Insights from Ad Agency Pros

Whether you’re a small company with no budget for an in-house marketing department, or a large firm that lacks the time or expertise to handle all of your strategic marketing, branding and advertising needs, partnering with a full-service advertising agency could be just what you need to create an unforgettable campaign and help get your brand on track. With a team of experts at your disposal, a full-service agency can take care of all of your advertising, digital marketing, brand identity design and print needs.   

For everything from online marketing to brand identity design Sunshine Coast businesses know they can count on ADFX to handle all of their advertising needs. 

Brand Identity Design - Insights from Ad Agency Pros


Why is it so important for businesses to have consistent branding?  

 Consistent branding not only helps customers (both new and existing) to quickly and easily recognize your brand to increase brand awareness, but it also creates trust. By creating a reliable experience for your customers, they will know what to expect each time they interact with your brand. Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your social media content, looking for a new SEO strategy, or in need of new, cutting-edge print pieces, a full-service agency will deliver consistent, quality brand identity design each and every time.  


How one ad agency can meet ALL of your branding needs

 While some businesses may opt to engage with a graphic designer when they need a logo or brochure, or consult with a web design/ digital marketing company when their website needs a facelift or they need to up their social media game, this may not be the best move for your brand. Choosing to partner with a full-scale advertising agency will ensure that there is an overarching strategy and brand identity design that looks at your marketing, branding and advertising as a whole instead of piecemeal. Ad agencies will use their expertise and resources to ensure that your brand messaging is consistent, on-point, reflects the business goals, and that the strategy created keeps your overall budget in mind. An agency can create synergy for your brand when your digital content, media, creative, brand identity design and print production are all working together to send a consistent message out to your target market.  


How will enlisting the help of an ad agency create WOW factor results?

 A seasoned advertising agency will know just the right way to make your advertising and marketing budget stretch to leave the biggest impression on your target market. By taking the time to fully understand your business, an experienced agency that houses digital and print services inhouse can use all of their knowledge and talent to create the very best campaign for your business. With an entire team under one roof working on your behalf, they can ensure a cohesive brand identity design, and that your website, social media, radio, TV as well as all of your printed marketing collateral pack a big punch. ADFX’s state of the art printing team takes care of everything from concept to delivery and has extensive knowledge of design trends, print applications, specialty finishes and binding. With a multi-faceted, well managed campaign, you’ll make a bigger impact on both new and existing customers, convert more leads and make more sales.  


Why using a full-service ad agency can actually save your company money

 Although working with an advertising agency may seem like overkill when you only need a few things done at a time, it can be far more cost-effective long-term to partner with an agency sooner than later. Hiring a graphic designer, web designer or social media manager inhouse can come with a lot of unnecessary overhead, and bringing in freelancers here and there often leads to branding and campaigns that aren’t cohesive. With one dedicated team on your side who fully understands your business, your brand and your budget, you’ll have all of the marketing and advertising experts ready whenever you need them. Whether it’s a blog post, a radio ad, graphic design, a website SEO refresh or a new brochure, a full-service ad agency such as ADFX will ensure that your brand identity design and your budget stay on track.   


ADFX’s team of talented experts can help grow your brand with cohesive and creative brand identity design, strategic media buying, tailored print solutions and razor-sharp SEO. Let’s make something great!