Explore Your Sunshine Coast Advertising Opportunities

Explore Your Sunshine Coast Advertising Opportunities

The beautiful Sunshine Coast is home to not only the regional council but any number of varied sized businesses looking to chew into the local, and tourist, market. There are a plethora of advertising opportunities in this area if you know where to look – and if you have a full service advertising agency in your back pocket. Local Buy BUS260 means that you need to have a dynamic team by your side to ensure that you are taking full opportunity of the advertising landscape.  

The Sunshine Coast is no longer that small, idyllic spot that people remember it as. This is a sprawling area primed with opportunities for intelligent advertising. The growing population, and constant tourist dollars, means that there is room here for growth and the opportunity to flex advertising muscles. As opposed to somewhere larger like Brisbane, the CPM (cost per thousand) here is still considerably less – meaning that now is the perfect time to start pumping out those ads.  

Opportunities for Advertising on the Sunshine Coast

Advertising opportunities in the Sunshine Coast (and surrounds) are plentiful.  


As expected, and as you would find in any moderately sized population hub, there are a variety of television stations that provide opportunities for engaging advertising campaigns. In terms of television stations and their breakoff subsidiaries, basic demographics are as follows:  

  • A core market of those who enjoy family programming, news, current affairs and mainstream prime time programming. Here you will find some overlap between demographics as generation x, millennials and seniors tend to dip in and out of this particular bracket  
  • The key commercial demographic that focuses on the 24-54 age market and has a wide range of interests and televisual media to choose from  
  • Under 50’s who appear to be more focused on social issues as well as broader consumers of pop culture 
  • Conservative consumers with a vested interest in local events, resource production and management as well as serial dramas  
  • Teens and youth audience  


There are an ever-increasing number of available radio stations in the area and they somewhat align with what is listed above. From commercial stations to classic hits to the national broadcaster, there is something for everyone and, it goes without saying, something for every advertiser and product market. These channels speak to a wide demographic of listeners that make it easier for advertising agencies to pin down their perfect target audience. Getting into the ears and mindset of these broadcasters is key for advertising success on the Sunshine Coast.  

Key demographics of the above local and national stations include: 

  • The youth market who are hip, trendy and looking for a range of products that connect with their love of pop culture and uncovering new talent  
  • The stalwart conservative market whose listening habits are akin to the traditional approach – the callin stations, the reliance on news broadcasts and old fashioned style advertising that proves easy to magnify when in the hands of the right agency  
  • Families looking for appropriate yet fun radio content as well as Christian religion based stations  
  • Road warriors – those who are on the road for work during the middle of the day which makes them particularly primed for advertising opportunities 


There are a number of newspaper advertising opportunities on the Sunshine Coast including local papers as well as larger, syndicated publications that are replications of news advertising found in nearby BrisbaneThere is also scope in this area for the inclusion of billboard and flyer-based advertising as falls in line with BUS260. There are destination and attraction specific opportunities for advertising as well as delivering product to a captive audience in built up commercial and residential hubsIn addition to this, the influx of tourist dollars into the local community and economy means money in the pocket for savvy advertisers.   

ADFX – Local Buy BUS260 on the Sunshine Coast

ADFX is a full-service advertising agency. If you need broadcast, print, digital or anything your heart desires – ADFX is adept at developing the complete strategy, cooking up masterful creative and taking on all your media buying burden for you. What’s left for you to do? Reap the rewards! 

A partnership between ADFX and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, as well as other local users of BUS260, will forge a relationship wherein campaigns are streamlined in order to positively position advertisers within the market. Let’s work together. Get in touch here.