Important SEO Announcement: Google Algorithm Updates

More than once per day on average, Google updates their website ranking algorithm for organic search (SEO). This algorithm is coding that determines where your website will rank in Googles organic search results. Usually the changes are small and will go unnoticed, however, sometimes they will make big changes which can have rather noticeable effects on website rankings worldwide.

Over the past few days, Google rolled out a ‘core algorithm’ update, so here are some things you need to know.

Usually when there is a major update to the Google Algorithm, your website will experience peaks and troughs in the amount of organic search traffic it receives. Usually these fluctuations are only temporary.

Any major updates to the Google Algorithm are beyond anyone’s but Googles control. It is recommended to continue implementing best practice Search Engine Optimisation until Google completes the rollout and organic search results are stable.


To add to this update, it’s expected that there will be another large algorithm update sometime between now and March being called ‘Penguin 4.0‘:


“The next Penguin update is expected to be real-time, meaning as soon as Google discovers the links to your site, be they bad or good links, the Penguin algorithm will analyze those links in real time, and ranking changes should happen in almost real time.” 

Search Engine Land, Dec 2015


This new update will also affect how organic search results are ordered.