Tap Into Gold Coast Advertising Opportunities

Tap Into Gold Coast Advertising Opportunities

The Gold Coast is a sprawling metropolitan region armed to the teeth with bright and shiny advertising opportunities. The surf, the sand and the opportunity to engage with a captive audience make this area prime real estate when it comes to cutting through the noise and reaching target demographics. Working with a full service advertising agency can, and will, ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding out exactly where your audience is hiding. As opposed to smaller regional hubs, the CPM on the Gold Coast (cost per thousand) is slightly bigger here which is all the more reason to make the right choices now to put your product ahead of the game.  

Opportunities for Advertising on the Gold Coast

Advertising opportunities in the Gold Coast (and surrounds) are plentiful. Discover the unique opportunities available to brands and businesses. 


There are a number of television stations within the area, as you would find in any moderately sized population hub, that provide opportunities for engaging advertising campaigns. In terms of television stations, demographic breakdowns are as follows:  

  • Those who enjoy family programming as well as news, current affairs and mainstream prime time programming (there is some overlap here between demographics – you’re looking at the average consumer somewhat infiltrated by the millennial and senior demographics)  
  • The key demographic focuses the 24-54 age market and consumes a wide range of local and import programming 
  • Under 50’s who appear to be more focused on social issues as well as broader consumers of pop culture 
  • Conservative consumers with a vested interest in local events, resource production and management as well as serial dramas and nostalgic themed programming  
  • Teens and youth audience  


There are a plethora of available radio stations in the area and they somewhat align with what is listed above. From commercial stations to classic hits to the national broadcaster, there is something for everyone and, it goes without saying, something for every market. These channels speak to a wide demographic of listeners. Getting into the ears and mindset of these broadcasters is key for advertising success on the Gold Coast.  

Key demographics of the above local and national stations include: 

  • The youth market looking for products inclusive of their range of interests via either the national broadcaster or a closer to home commercial station  
  • Conservatives who feel comfortable with a traditional approach to radio media (call in segments, old classic style hits, old fashioned style advertisements) 
  • Families looking for appropriate yet fun radio content as well as Christian religion based stations  
  • Those who are on the road during the day depending on occupation and lifestyle who represent the lion’s share of the midday market – these ‘on the road’ consumers are those most likely to be susceptible to advertising campaigns 


There are a wider range of newspaper advertising opportunities on the Gold Coast including local papers as well as bigger, syndicated publications. This means that there is also scope in this area for the inclusion of billboard and flyer-based advertising as falls in line with BUS260. Destination and tourist-based advertising goes hand in hand with household products and council initiatives. Given the influx of ‘out of towners’ on the Gold Coast at any given time, it becomes easier to convince travellers to the region to participate and consume resources alongside those who call the glittery coast home.  

ADFX – Local Buy BUS260 in the Gold Coast

A partnership between ADFX and the Gold Coast Regional Council, as well as other local users of BUS260, will forge a relationship wherein campaigns are streamlined in order to positively position advertisers within the market. We do the media buying and we come up with the campaign – all you have to do is sit back and reap the rewards. Realistic and fresh campaigns, delivered to budget and on time, tick the boxes when it comes to stakeholders and community connections. ADFX is a full service digital and marketing agency and we’re waiting to work with you. Get in touch today.