Townsville Advertising Opportunities – What’s Available?

Townsville Advertising Opportunities – What's Available?

Discover What Townsville Advertising Opportunities Are Available  

Advertising in Townsville provides businesses and advertisers with the ability to have their product noticed immediately via a strong connection forged with their audiences. When compared to the big cities, the advertising opportunities that present themselves within Townsville and the surrounding areas are far greater as there is less competition and less ‘noise’ across the market. The cost per thousand (CPM) in Townsville is far lower than one might see in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Advertising here means utilising opportunities that facilitate that fast and real connection with an audience who are ready, eager and willing to hear what advertisers want to say.  

Opportunities for Advertising in Townsville

Advertising opportunities in Townsville are plentiful.  


Here are the demographic breakdowns for television stations:  

  • Families with children who enjoy a variety of programs including kids’ television, news, prime time programming and films (there is overlap here with the millennial and senior demographics) 
  • Those who fall within the key (24-54) demographic who consume a range of local programming and imports  
  • Left of centre thinkers (under 50’s) looking for programming related to political, environmental and social beliefs (please note that this is a relatively small market) 
  • Conservatives who have a vested interest in local events, resource production and management, and serial dramas and nostalgia (50+) 
  • Teen and youth audiences looking to connect with local and national issues and events as well as pop culture  


Radio station opportunities in this region have similar audience demographics as in television. There are a number of commercial stations as per any other area which are supported by a variety of classic hits style stations through to the national broadcaster. These channels speak to a wide range of demographics and listeners. There is much opportunity here to make headways into the ears of a wide variety of captive audiences through advertising that is fresh and new – they’re ready and willing to listen! Local community radio stations are not to be neglected either and certainly play their part in advertising to audiences.  

Key demographics of the above local and national stations include: 

  • The youth market looking for products inside their breadth of interests via either the national broadcaster or a closer to home commercial station  
  • Conservatives who are chasing a traditional approach to radio media  
  • Families looking for appropriate yet fun radio content  
  • Those who are on the road during the day depending on occupation and lifestyle who represent the lion’s share of the midday market 


Newspaper opportunities are somewhat limited as there is only one publication servicing the area. It has a circulation of approaching 84,000 daily and close to 104,000 over the weekends.   

There are also a number of digital based opportunities that will vary depending on product and demographic. There is also scope for the inclusion of billboard and flyer-based advertising in line with BUS260.  

ADFX – Local Buy BUS260 in Townsville

A partnership between ADFX and the Townsville Regional Council, as well as other local users of BUS260, will forge a relationship wherein campaigns are streamlined in order to positively position advertisers within the market. Realistic and fresh campaigns, delivered to budget and on time, tick the boxes when it comes to stakeholders and community connections. ADFX is a full service digital and marketing agency and we’re waiting to work with you.  

Ready to work with an advertising agency? Townsville ad opportunities await! Contact ADFX today.