A brand is bigger than just a logo, and this importance should never be understated. It distinguishes your business from all others and sets the tone for what your customers expect.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression…

As branding experts, ADFX is here to guide your next project, from developing trading names and crafting new brands through to creating modern rebrands.

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To save you time, we’ve put together the Brand Development guidebook, full of helpful insights to set you on the right path to branding greatness. Oh, and it’s free! 




At ADFX we love to build brands, and every decision we make is driven by research and experience. As brand specialists we can help you explore the true potential of your business and how it can attract your ideal customer, drive awareness and increase engagement.

It all starts with your brand…


Take a look at your existing brand, and ask yourself if it truly represents your business, its value and its purpose? As the foundation for your marketing and messaging strategies, if your brand is no longer aligned with your company or it no longer connects with your customers, than its time to consider rebranding. ADFX specialises in guiding businesses through this process to ensure the best outcomes. Ask us how!


We work with brands of all sizes to help reposition them in their industry and reconnect with their customers.



In recent years, we have seen the popularity of Masterbrands increase greatly. A master brand can be instrumental in driving brand awareness while connecting with a companies audience in a more holistic way. By creating a brand hierarchy it also allows for greater scaleability as well as providing more scope for a company to grow into different fields/industries.