Kratzmann Caravans – Rebrand + Repositioning  

The Brief:
As one of the most renowned names in Caravans and Motorhomes throughout Australia, Kratzmann Caravans recently found that their brand was in need of modernisation to keep up with changing trends. Having undergone some operational changes in recent years, they also wanted to reposition their brand through new creative and messaging, to ensure they continued to remain top of mind for both loyal and new customers as well as drive internal culture.

The Creative Solution:
As with every rebrand, we first took the time to understand the organisation, the culture, the history and their goals. We also invested time performing industry research to understand their challenges, identify market trends and get a clear picture on their competitors.
These are vital steps to ensure an informed approach when developing brand and creative strategies.

We chose to focus on retaining as much of the original logo as possible including their iconic ‘K’, while ensuring that we provided a modern solution that aligned with Apollo Motorhome Holidays. 

Their ‘big idea’ or brand DNA was the next step. In the studio, we had a mantra that we threw around during the early stages of their rebrand ‘It all starts here’.  We loved how this resonated with them both as a business and with their customers. From there, the term naturally evolved in both message and execution to become an adaptable and emotive part of their identity.

What we loved about this project was how much Kratzmann Caravans embraced this new direction, as seen across the entire organisation from every staff uniform, their corporate stationery, their signage and trade stands, all the way through to their digital assets.

Project Details

Client Kratzmann Caravans


Brand Strategy,
Creative Direction,
Graphic Design,
Promo Items

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