David Evans Group

Project Description

ADFX was commissioned by David Evans Group (DEG) to complete a full redesign and brand repositioning. The Brief was to bring the brand back inline with today’s market but also add more consistency through execution. Creative Director, Noel Harris was engaged to develop a strong yet, meaningful concept that framed the “bear” (DEG’s long-time emblem) and added strength to the corporate identity. From print to promotional material and TVC, ADFX gave the DEG brand a new lease on life.

Project Details

Client David Evans Group Services Ad campaign, Banners & Signage, Corporate branding, Digital, Flyers/Posters, Logo Design, Rebrand, Style Guide, TV

Industry Rural Retail


Corporate Identity Rebrand

When taking a brand through a redesign it is essential to identify the brands essence. ADFX redesigned the DEG logo mark with this in mind.  The tradition of the DEG black bear remained but by repositioning it within a circular frame the logomark and logotype could combine to create a more simplified, modern and space efficient brand mark.

The new logo was also developed in various usage and alignment formats so that it can be successfully be used across all platforms, both in print and screen.

Corporate Stationery

Not only did ADFX design and print a full stationery suite for DEG, we also came up with a Word template for each dealership to be able to use the letterhead and process manuals in-house. In addition, having a Styleguide designed ensured all staff, co-brands and associates of the brand know how to use the documents and maintain brand consistency in it’s use.

Electronic Direct Mail Campaigns

ADFX created a template for all DEG Electronic Direct Mail campaigns (eDMs) using a trusted and tested email marketing platform. Generating email marketing using the platform allows for accurate and detailed reporting of the success of each campaign to be recorded and tracked via electronic databases which can be accessed by the clients.

Managing electronic marketing in this manner ensures that both ADFX and the client can see the results literally before their eyes.


TVC Storyboard

Sometimes you just can’t beat pencil to paper. In this case, ADFX went back to basics to create storyboards showing the creative concept for both a 15 and 30 second television commercial (TVC).  Storyboarding allows the Creative Directors vision to be visually interpreted by the client.  The client loved it and the ads went into production.