Carmex Australia – National Integrated Campaign

The Brief:
Following the success of the ‘Choose Carmex’, ‘Melon Reasons’ and ‘Summer Sidekick’ campaigns developed by ADFX, Carmex required a new and unique campaign for the 2019 winter period.
As with previous campaigns, the primary objective was building brand and product awareness while appealing to a broad target audience.

The Creative Solution:
The ADFX team developed an enormously adaptable and nimble message which could be tailored across every marketing channel and provide direct communication to the target audience.
The concept was developed to normalise using Carmex products during key moments by showcasing many real world and more quirky scenarios.
The split of product and routine images represents a duality of elements. It showcases how Carmex goes hand in hand with your daily routines, again to normalise these scenarios

The Marketing Solution:

As one of our most integrated campaigns to date, the ‘Liptual’ campaign ran across many unique digital and above the line touch points, as well as an influencer campaign to provide even greater audience reach.

Project Details

Client Carmex Australia


Services Campaign & Media Strategy, Creative Direction, Video Production, Script Development / Storyboarding, Talent Management, Graphic Design, Printing

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